It’s possible to get information about products and services of the bank from different communication channels. The bank secrecy and other confidentional information about bank’s client may be provided only after identification of client.

The identifiable client can get solution to its request without visiting any branch by calling hot line of AtaBank 136 or applying to the number +994 50 99 99 136 connected to WhatsApp and Telegram applications.

It can be possible to get accurate information about products and do a variety of banking operations after simple procedure of identification without visiting the bank:

  • Blocking/unblocking the bank card;
  • Elimination the transactions limits in regions of high-risk group;
  • Resetting unsuccessful PIN attempts;
  • Information about card/account balance;
  • Unblocking of AtaNet Internet and Mobile Banking users/Password renewal;
  • information on loan debt / its status; 
  • Editing the redirected mobile number of clienst which want to activate SMS notification service;
  • Checking and verification of the e-mail address recorded in the Bank’s system;
  • Information on whether salary is reflected on respective account;
  • Checking of transactions processed with card (while providing information on the amount of Blocked Amount);
  • Checking the status of the bank card.

And also, a listing of information which can be provided without identification, and identification procedure during phone call or texting from applications can be found here