Card to Card

Using the Card-to-Card service, you can transfer funds in any currency to another card account via Mobile, Internet banking and AtaBank ATMs.

This operation takes less than a minute and is available for all Visa and Mastercard cards.

To use the service through ATM:

  • Insert the plastic card into the ATM of AtaBank;
  • Choose language;
  • Enter card PIN;
  • Enter the payments section and select the Card-to-Card service;
  • Select the currency of the transfer;
  • Enter the 16-digit number of the card to which you want to transfer money;
  • To confirm the correctness of entering the 16-digit card number, enter it again;
  • Enter the required amount of money;
  • The operation will be carried out and the receipt printed.


PIN Change

The PIN Change service allows cardholders of our bank to change the standard PIN of the card at any convenient time.

To use the service through ATM:

  • Insert the plastic card into the ATM of AtaBank;
  • Choose language;
  • Enter card PIN;
  • Enter the “Payments”;
  • Go to “Services”;
  • Select the PIN Change service;
  • Enter a new 4-digit code and press the ENTER button;
  • Enter the new code again and press the ENTER button.

The PIN Change service is free.

What you should pay attention to when performing the operation:

  • When changing the PIN, do not use duplicate (2222) or consequent (1234) numbers;
  • For security reasons, do not set the same PIN on all your cards;
  • In case of any problems when using the card, call the Customer Care 136.

AtaBank customers can now easily change the PIN codes of their cards through Mobile and Internet banking services, without having to go to an ATM.


SMS Info

The SMS Info service allows you to receive an instant SMS notification of any operations with a payment card. This service is extremely important in terms of card security.

To activate the service, call the Customer Care 136 or contact any branch of AtaBank.

The cost of connecting to the SMS Info service is 1.20 AZN.


Cash by Code

With the help of the Cash by Code service, you can send and receive cash from a card account via ATM.

This service can be used by the owners of all types of cards of our bank.

How to send money:

  • Insert the plastic card into the ATM of AtaBank;
  • Choose language;
  • Enter card PIN;
  • Enter the “Payments”;
  • Go to the Cash by Code section;
  • Enter the mobile phone number of the transfer recipient and the transfer amount;
  • The system will create a 10-digit code consisting of two parts. The first part of the code (the first 5 numbers) will be sent via SMS to the recipient's mobile phone. The second part of the code (the last 5 numbers) will be printed on the check and will remain with the sender. The sender must send the second part of the code indicated on the check to the recipient. To withdraw cash, the recipient must go to the ATM and enter both parts of the code.

How to receive the money:

  • Go to the ATM and select the Cash by Code menu item;
  • In the window that appears, enter both parts of the code;
  • After selecting the currency and amount of transfer, ATM will give out money.

Note that the code will be active within 24 hours.

Service fee:

  • When sending - 0.4%
  • Upon receipt - 1.1%


SMS banking

This service will save time, as well as provide an opportunity to be informed via SMS messages about the status of your bank account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even while staying outside the country.

  • Receiving information about any operation with a plastic card via SMS;
  • Getting information about the expiration of the card;
  • Getting information about the card balance;
  • Payment for utility services;
  • Payment for services of mobile operators;
  • Receive daily information about currency rates;
  • Getting a brief account statement;
  • Temporary blocking of a plastic card.

To connect to the SMS banking service you need:

  • AtaBank account;
  • Local mobile operator number;
  • Contact any branch or bank branch with an ID.

Commission for SMS banking service for individuals is 3 AZN per month or 20 AZN per year.


Cash to card

You can replenish your card account at any branch or division of bank during working hours.

To increase card balance without visiting the Bank use MilliON payment terminals.

Rules for the use:

  • Choose bank services section;
  • Next select AtaBank;
  • Choose increase card balance;
  • Enter the 16 digit code on the card;
  • Check and confirm the information about card;
  • Enter amount and click next;
  • Complete the operation and print the receipt.

You can also top up your card balance via AtaBank’s cash-in ATMs.

Rules for the use:

  • Insert the plastic card into the ATM of AtaBank;
  • Enter card PIN;
  • Choose the service in menu;
  • Choose the currency and sum;
  • The operation will be carried out and the receipt printed.

Our Cash-in ATMs at the following addresses:

  • “Dostlug” branch - 124 Azadlig avenue;
  • “Baku” branch – 67 Neftchilar avenue;
  • “28 May” metro station (main entrance) - 22 Azadlig avenue.