This credit is designed for your personal needs (for repair and construction of a house or apartment, purchase of real estate, etc.) and will help to complete pending business.

Maximum amount: up to 100,000 AZN
Maximum term: 12 - 48 months
Interest rate: 20 - 24% per annum

Credit terms

  • Age: 18 - 65 years old
  • Payment: Annuity (equal monthly payments)
  • Collateral: Real estate
  • Currency: AZN or foreign currency
  • Commission: Determined according to the tariffs of the bank

Required documents:

  • Borrower's Personal ID
  • A document on the income of the borrower and other information
  • Documents for the real estate provided as collateral

Credit calculator

Credit amount:

Credit term:


Interest rate:


Total credit amount:


* For more precise information please visit the nearest branch of AtaBank.