AtaBank offers you various types of credits with acceptable interest rates and conditions:



Express credit

This credit is provided for individuals with a stable official monthly income, as well as for customers who receive salaries via cards of AtaBank.

  • Maximum amount: 10,000 AZN
  • Maximum term: 36 months
  • Interest rate: from 20% per annum

Classic credit

This credit is designed for your personal needs and will help to complete pending business.

  • Maximum amount: 100,000 AZN
  • Maximum term: 48 months
  • Interest rate: from 20% per annum

Overdraft credit

You can open an overdraft credit for 30 days to your salary account at AtaBank.

  • Maximum amount: up to 50% of salary
  • Maximum term: 30 days
  • Interest rate: 28%


AtaBank offers gold credit for your needs.

  • Maximum amount: 15,000 AZN
  • Maximum term: 36 months
  • Interest rate: from 24% per annum

Car credit

If you have a stable income, then you can become the owner of your dream car by taking a car credit in our bank.

  • Maximum amount: up to 60% of the cost of the car
  • Maximum term: 48 months


AtaBank offers you the opportunity to purchase your own apartment with a mortgage credit.

  • Maximum amount: 150,000 AZN
  • Maximum term: 30 years
  • Interest rate: up to 8% per annum

Credit cards

Credit cards from our bank allow you to enjoy an interest-free loan for 37 days.