AtaBank offers to use automated payroll services for your employees using Visa/Mastercard plastic cards.

This simplifies the procedure as much as possible, maintains complete confidentiality and high differentiation of payments depending on the professional qualifications of employees.

Advantages for the company:

  • the payroll process is automated;
  • the number of cash transactions is reduced;
  • the cost of maintaining cash and accounting staff is reduced;
  • for withdrawing cash from the account bank commission is not paid;
  • expenses for the collection and storage of cash are eliminated;
  • employees spend less time on salary getting process.

Advantages for company employees:

  • receiving wages on time and on the day of accrual;
  • paying for goods and services in any stores around the world;
  • withdrawing funds in AtaBank's extensive ATM network 7/24;
  • managing card accounts via the internet and making various payments anytime without leaving home or office.