The following tariffs were approved by the decision of the Supervisory Board of AtaBank dated Yanuary 28, 2019. In force from February 1, 2019.

Opening a bank account


Cash payout from customer's account:


0,7% (min 2 AZN)

In foreign currency

0,8% (min eq. to 2 USD)

Payout of funds received through POS-terminal

min 0,3% - max according to agreement

Note: No fee charged for the current year if funds entered the account in cash  for the first working day of the next year the cash rest is being nullified.

Payment orders execution:

For customers with accounts in the bank


For customers with accounts in other banks


0,2% (min 1 AZN - max 100 AZN)


0,3% (min 20 USD - max 400 USD)


0,3% (min 30 EUR - max 400 EUR)


0,4% (min 50 CHF / GBP - max 500 CHF / GBP)

Other hard currency payments

0,4% (min eq. to 50 USD - max eq. to 500 USD)

Salary payment order execution

According to agreement



Foreign currency

Payment investigations

10 AZN

50 USD

Change of terms of payment or payment rejections

10 AZN

50 USD

Note: Commisioning fees charged by a correspondent bank when executing services are responsibility of a customer

Issue of copies of statements on operations and accounts:

Last month

10 AZN

Last year

30 AZN

Previous years

50 AZN

Issue of checkbooks:

25 sheets

10 AZN

50 sheets

15 AZN

Issuance of Accounting Control card for cash export operations

50 USD

Prolongation of a loan term

According to agreement

“AtaNet” Internet and Mobile banking service


Currency conversion (with bank’s daily non-cash exchange rates)


Issue of statements on accounts

10 AZN

LC operations

According to tariffs

Bank Guarantee operations

According to tariffs

Cash collection services

Baku - (min 200 AZN - max according to agreement)

Outside Baku - according to agreement

“SMS Bankinq” (annual subscription)

50 AZN

Salary cards

According to agreement

Rent of deposit safes

Monthly Annual

Small size

30 AZN 300 AZN

Medium size

50 AZN 500 AZN

Large size

70 AZN 700 AZN

Penalty fee paid in case of loss of the deposit safe key

150 AZN

Note: Commissioning fees on other operations are charged according to bank’s overall tariff rates.

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